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I have a problem. I’m updating Facebook as a way to keep up with so many people I barely know (besides my sister, that is), I recently signed on to twitter. I use Virb for updating my professional portfolio, and I upload all my design crap onto DeviantArt. I have a video blog that I will be updating every two weeks.

And yet, I find I still have the need to write. And dammit, I haven’t updated this blasted blog since ’06 and it’s making me feel guilty. In the meantime, I’ve let other blogs come and go…

Well, if I write anything more than this, I just might revive this blog for real.

Written by Ezequiel

June 23, 2009 at 2:37 am

Don’t drag my God into This

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Again, I know there are whackos people like this on both sides, all over the country. For the most part, I think having people on either end of the spectrum is healthy. But as someone who identifies himself as a Christian, please do not drag my God into this. Do not paint him with guns on his hips. Do not automatically choose a political party for him, and proceed to speak on his behalf. And the next time you go speaking of the fiery bowels of hell, please do so with something other than a self-appointed sense of authority.

I’m no liberal. I’m no conservative. What I am is tired of grown up children pretending that politics is a matter of life and death. If only they would put the passion and zeal that they dedicate to tearing down others into something a tad more productive. Maybe then would we have a country worth arguing about.


Found at: Denying Phoenix

Written by Ezequiel

November 30, 2006 at 4:18 am

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Okies, here’s the deal. Microsoft is putting out (pun intended) Internet Explorer 7 as a Windows update. As a designer, I happen to hate IE6, and I would just loooooove to drop it for good. But even with IE7 on every Windows XP system, is that enough? Can I finally stop testing the sites I make with IE6?

I personally think that the answer is no, but I’d like to hear your opinions.

Written by Ezequiel

November 16, 2006 at 7:15 pm

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Burn the Letter

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If it hadn’t been for the firelight, you would never have known he was there. He was as much a part of the land, as the land was a part of him, and that oneness made him all but invisible. He normally didn’t light a fire at night. Food tasted better raw now, and on the plains, fire attracted too much attention from unwanted neighbors.

You could not say he was an animal, but he could not say he was human. The intelligence in his eye had diminished, and his body depended almost entirely on the instinct for survival. There was only one thing he had not yet lost, though. He could write, and that’s what he was doing that night. That’s why, against all of his habits, he had lighted a fire.

To the Object of My Fondest Memories,

This is the last hour in which I shall exhibit any fragment of sanity. I long ago lost the ability to use my voice, and my hand will soon fail as well. When I first left the place I could have called home, I knew it would come to this. I decided that my last moment as a sentient being would be spent telling you all that I never told you before.

Being near you made me feel like I was more than the poor excuse for a man that I am. You told me I was romantic. You told me I was intelligent. You told me I worked hard and did well. I was and did none of these, until you. You spoke, and I became.

I remember everything about you still. I remember the times you would laugh at (what I thought was) absolutely nothing. But I found that I wanted to laugh too. I remember that when you held me, I couldn’t think. I didn’t have to, everything was good.

This may be my last moment of intelligent thought, but it will not be my last thought of you. Even if my life as a beast never ends, you will be in the thought that lets me rest. You will be in the thought that allows me to survive.

Perhaps, in time…

He dropped the bone stylus he had used for writing, and the parchment he had labored over. On all fours, he sniffed the air. They were coming. In desperation, he threw his stylus and parchment into the fire, then stomped on it. Then he loped off into the darkness.

After all, the prey who waits is dead.

Written by Ezequiel

November 15, 2006 at 11:35 pm

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Let’s All be EMO!!!

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So I saw this, like, video, and it made me so sad. I felt as if all the emotion in the world had been like, poured into the making of this one video. Or something.

Seriously, watch this stuff, if you want a good laugh: Hope is Emo

Written by Ezequiel

November 14, 2006 at 10:50 pm

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So It’s Been A While…

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My my, I have been a bad blogger haven’t I? What can I say? Inspiration failed me. My muse abandoned me to the empty winds of writers block. Besides, I’m lazy. No matter, I am back in full force, and those who do not read my blog shall face my wrath… or something.

Since I’ve really got nothing to talk about at the moment, I’ll let you see some of the stuff I’ve been doing since I left you:

El Jean Layout

A Practice Layout

Broken Man at the Station (photomanip)

Apples Are EBIL (photomanip)

Written by Ezequiel

November 7, 2006 at 8:51 pm

The Wierdest Thing?

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OK, I just have to ask, what’s with this new Yahoo/MSN Beta? Chatting on the MSN network with Yahoo? Just not right… too wierd.

Written by Ezequiel

July 14, 2006 at 2:02 pm

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